The Italian Chamber of Commerce
for South-East Asia - ICCSEA
promotes and develops commercial,
financial, industrial,
and cultural relations between Italy
and the countries of S.E.A.

ICCSEA is interested in the following Countries of South-East Asia: SINGAPORE, INDONESIA,THAILAND, BRUNEI, PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM and MALAYSIA.

ICCSEA is supported by a pool of professionals operating in the areas of business, marketing, financing, economic research, commercial and tax law (see the list).

ICCSEA has its main office in Milan and works in Italy and in S.E.A. in cooperation with the main institutions and governmental entities, as well as with EU bodies which are responsible for managing projects and funds regarding the activities in this area.

The principal aims of ICCSEA are: developing the commercial, economic and financial relations between Italy and S.E.A. Countries; bringing companies and organisation of Italy and S.E.A. countries into contact with each other and further promoting their relations; developing operative supports to the companies of Italy and S.E.A; organising various activities such as press conferences, seminars, symposia and related meetings; collecting, elaborating and spreading information and data regarding the economic and legal situation in S.E.A. countries.

As a reliable reference point for Italian firms desiring to grasp the numerous opportunities offered by one of the most dynamic region of the world, the ICCSEA is constantly providing its members updated information, expanding its network in SEA, textile and garment its membership, and conducting lectures /briefings about SEA.



  • Riccardo Rocca

    President and Italian represent of BKPM - Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board

  • Sara Mascheroni

    General secretary

  • Riccardo Rabuffi

    Board of Directors

  • Agostino Ferrari

    Board of Directors

  • Dario Barisoni

    Board of Directors

  • Renzo Cavalieri

    Board of Directors

  • Roberto Zoppi

    Study office and events

  • Flora Silalahi

    Communication, marketing e business development

  • Claudio Tortorici